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Which profile for gobos ???

Louis sullivan NLS

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Hi everyone


I have a few shows coming up that require gobo projection but I dont know what the best lantern for my budget is.

it needs to be 1000-1200w. im currently using cantata 2644s but its difficult to sharpen the beam, and when I fit a doughnut or barndoor to try and sharpen it, it does sharpen it but dims it down a lot.


my budget is less than £120 each so cant afford pacifics etc, and I need a pair, any suggestions please.



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Are you planning to buy? In which case forget it. Stage Electrics do 50 degree Source 4s for £13.60 a week each and I'm sure some one near you will do a similar deal. The cantatas you have should be more than up to the job. If you can't get a sharp beam make sure than everything is as it should be, and that the lenses are clean, and the right way round. You shouldn't have to resort to top hats, and barn doors (!).


The problem with getting gobos sharp across the entire beam is the that angle needs to be as 'toppy' or as close to a right angle to the stage as possible so that both top and bottom of the image are in the same focus. This is especially so of wide angled lanterns. What gobos are you planning to use? Many certainly look better if they are a little soft anyway.

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If I were you, I would try to up my budget a little and look into buying some source fours, You can get some second hands ones for about 170 a unit:

They are super tough units, so the fact that they are second hand means they will only have scratches rather than any serious damage.

You could even sell your old profiles to help pay for them!







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