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Avolites Pearl/Tiger

Nick LX

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Novice user here still learning. Programming some Color Kinetics Colorblazes, and can't for the life of me work out how to turn off all the battens at once. They are running in 6 cell mode. Unlike a mover or dimmer, there is no intensity channel and therefore to turn them off, you have to turn the intensity of each colour down for each segment which takes quite a while.


Is there a way of putting the atrributes in groups (like RED 1 thru 8 and BLUE 1 thru 8) so I can just use one of the encoders to turn all the red LEDs off?


Also do any of the default shapes work with them? Couldn't seem to make them work.



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My preferred solution is to use HTP personalities. This removes all the problems with fading and permits additive mixing which can be nice, but it would require modifying the personality file. It would also depend on the number of fixtures since you can only have a maximum of 240 HTP channels total and anywhere close to that limit slows the console significantly.


For shapes you need to patch single cells. If you went down this route then there are plenty of 3ch HTP LED fixtures already created - ie. Pulsar Chromafixture.


Technically it's possible to run a shape across multiple cell personalities but this requires custom editing of the shapefile.

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