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decent amp for use with celestion SR1's


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just about any amp that can deliver the appropriate power (300W for mk1, 350 for Mk2 if I remember correctly) into that load (Sr1s came in both 4ohm and 8ohm vaiants). I use a Yamaha P4500 with no problems.


But make sure that you have the Celestion controller. They're fantastic speakers, but sound rubbish without it.

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I run mine with a yamaha p5000s and they sound superb. (with sr controller)


Celestion still do sell the drivers (mk2 only)


Tho' they have had a major price hike in the last year.


I bought two last year and they were £164 + vat+delivery for the pair.


went back this year for another two and thet were £160 + vat+delivery each!!!



Apologies for going off topic on a rant.

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