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Typical Lighting Budgets


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Thanks for those links - how odd? I've never seen that version, my memory starting with the leadscrew version of the Mk2, then all after that with the black bakelite knob for focus. The chronology is interesting because I'd not realised the missing bits, and the great concept of using an existing pattern, and just modifying it into a Fresnel is novel.


Now this is the sort of research that obviously means something - maybe our students should look at something like this where evidence is available, rather than the abstract notion of basing research on lighting rigs that require estimation on costs, and no real budgets are available - and perhaps even when they are, may not mean very much as a comparison. It would be a little like comparing the costs of a Model T Ford, with something current - is there a need for the research. Looking at this 'evolved' topic - I for one would love to read an accurate chronology of model to model, with dates when production changed, and perhaps the reasoning behind the changes.


I've actually still got a working Patt. 93 in the store, and the similarity in design hadn't really occurred to me. A nicely balanced followspot, but the panel near the iris lever was amazingly hot!


I totally agree, this is something I've been working on, but my current project is to get a "strand archive" like resource going for the wealth of Furse & Major info I have managed to put together.


Personally I think the patt23 is a really key product, before it spotlights were a box with a lamp, reflector and lens, which is sort of what a patt23 is, but it introduced product design to theatre lighting as well as mass production, the source four and strand SL both owe a big debt to the 23 along with many other lanterns.


The fact that the 23, after all an electrical product ran in production from 1952 to 1983 (the lamphouse lived on for a few years after that on the 823) with only minimal changes in design, this must be a record, the only other electrical goods I know of that have run unchanged for a long time are the Bush DAC90 radio that ran from 1945-1955 (a long time for a radio) and MKs line of round pin plugs that remain unchanged since the 60's

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