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Painting Turbosound Floodlight


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Ok so we've some real nice Black paint left from painting a turbosound aspect system. Looks very nice.

Are people going to shoot us if we paint our floodlight system in the same colour?

I know you can get turbo blue paint easy enough, but we already have some nice black!


What's your vote?

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Never go to B&Q to try to get some Turbo Blue matched when time prevents getting the proper stuff. There is something in the paint Turbosound that confuses the colour gadget - the colour it comes out as is rather nice, and I now use it on all sorts of things (like walls) but it isn't blue - more of a sort of purple! Just for reference.
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Sorry guys. Looks like we're going black. (There are more reasons than just cos we have black paint)

I feel like a boy-racer modifing a mini cooper.




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Want any more? ... in blue naturally.....


Rob I sent you a PM about this the other day.

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