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Sorry that my first post is a bit of a downer.

I'm an LD and I'm lighting a rather large show. My console op has done most of the patching and programming. Unfortunately in the rehearsals is appears that he has an awful sense of rhythm and timing. As the show is mainly music based this is hopeless.

I know another console op who if free to operate but I'm not sure how to tell my present one he is not up to the job.... Any ideas how I might approach this?


Also, do I pay the original guy for the next ten show-days, as I have sent him a purchase order?





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best thing to do is show him how bad his sense of timing is, play a cd and ask him to tap a pen to the beat.


then explain how lighting has to be coordinated with the music.


As for the money situation, I would pay him for the hours he has put in, and explain that you now have to pay somebody else to finish the job, this will give you leverage to pay him less than the purchase order.


Good luck.

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Best thing would be to sit down with the person and explain your concerns. Ask them if they will be able to address the problem and improve their performance and then give them a chance to demonstrate if they can. If they cannot then you have good grounds to terminate their contract at this time.



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Just also noticed that if your a freelance LD I dont think saying.. and I quote....


"Working all over the world lighting crap shows"


is a very good way to promote your service!!! - unless of course you end up lighting "John & Edward - On Tour!"



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