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Sound for a small club (3d pictures inside)


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Hey guys!

I'm going to take over a small club - I'll be remodelling the whole place.

On one of the rooms, I want to have live music.

I need a small PA, which will do for live music and also for playing CDs.

The stage will be the space with the guitar on fire - it will have tables when there's no live music


Here are a few project images for the room:










Ok, so a few questions:


1- What would be the ideal position for the speakers? From a few suggestions in other boards, on the ceiling, in line with the front of the stage, right?


2- What kind of power would I need? The space is small - Total area : 62 square meter = 667.362 445 84 square foot -

What kind of speakers? 12' 10', 8' ? Would a subwoofer be necessary?

I've had people recommend me 2 EV ZX1 speakers, with a Wharfedale Titan 12 Subwoofer - This would be inside my budget (which is small, but so is the space

If I get the ZX1, what kind of poweramp power would I need?


3- Any ideas for the mixer? By the size of the room, it's obvious I won't have 20 people on stage, but a 4 or 5 piece band will be frequent. In my own band, we use a Yamaha MG16 and have had no complaints. Any ideas besides that?



If you can help in any way, I would appreciate it!


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Hey again.

It will be stuff from acoustic solo, to some classic rock, but nothing "too loud", I think. For full bands, it would be more for vocals and general leveling (the bands backline would do the rest).


About the stage position, it will have to be in that position because of that image on the wall(only place where it could be without being separated by the windows. The electrical wiring is already in place too.

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The stage appears a tad small for a four piece band - with a drum kit you haven't got a great deal of space for speakers. It does strike me that the room is not going to be that good for any kind of rock - SPL from just the drums, let alone guitars equally as loud mean you'll have big issues with volume levels for your staff. Middle of the road and light styles will be ok, but anything else will be a pain. How many people in the room?
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I've had people recommend me 2 EV ZX1 speakers, with a Wharfedale Titan 12 Subwoofer - This would be inside my budget


In my opinion the ZX1 are nice little speakers, I have used them in nightclub installs. For your application they should be good as they have a "punchy" sound, are available in white, with a ceiling mount and can be horizontally mounted to give you a low profile, they will however need the support of a subwoofer.



I assume because its a small club you won't have much room to hide electronics, so why not go for the active version of the subwoofer so it is one less amp and you can use the internal active crossover to feed the amp for the X1's. As far as how powerful the amp should be, I would always leave yourself some "room to breathe" so I would match it with an amp that can provide at least 500w a channel in 8 ohms

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I have a horrible feeling that I am probably breaking a forum rule (in which case, mods, please accept my apologies, delete this post and let me know for future reference) but I have 4 Tannoy I12s surplus if you are interested. Bit louder than the EVs, bit bigger and heavier too and have a bit of a tighter dispersion, which could be a good thing or a bad thing. With a bit of eq they make pretty good full range boxes, though they go better with a sub. I am midlands based and, you are welcome to come and have a listen or even borrow them and try them in your venue if you are near enough. Probably after about £200 a box. Hope that is of some use and that I haven't offended anybody.



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Portugal? Just down the road.... or perhaps not. If you get the chance to have a look at the Tannoy dual concentric boxes then I would recommend them.


Good luck.





The Tanny dual concentric boxes are fantastic. I have used them myself for club installations.


Good luck,



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