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battlefield effects for a play


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Cork or High Density foam would be my preferred load for the air cannon - would leave off the lift cup and caps - we have air tank versions so can reduce the pressure which the co2 le maitre ones dont allow - quite effective - but as always test and assess.



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I need to replicate an over the top trench charge from WW1 - similar to the end of blackadder - for a play


I was planning on using le maitre maroons, but has anyone got any better ideas? I need explosions + puffs of white smoke, but I don't want to use theatrical flashes as it doesn't feel quite the right effect.



Another effect you might find usefull is Wells Pyrotechnics MuzzleFlash, gives columnal black smoke plume with flash and drifting embers, 5mtr height safety and 3mtr general safety from my experience.

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