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Lighting "Show"


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I am intending to, in the near future, present a lighting show, using 6 movers and various generics synced to music. I have access to a Pearl Tiger, and a USB DMX socket, but am looking to spend as little money for hardware on top of that as possible.


So my questions are:

Can the Pearl Tiger be used to timecode to mucis, and if so has anyone had any experience on how it works?

Is there any software out there to link music, video and sound and then timecode them?

Do you know of any good pieces for lighting and effects?

Has anyone attempted this before, if so how did it go?


Many thanks,


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Recently I have been experimenting with the free piece of software DMXControl. It has a feature to play an audio track and then insert cues at points on the track (done by representing the track as a waveform). Seems to work pretty well. Dont think it does video though and you may have to hunt for drivers for your USB DMX socket depending on which one it is.
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