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JBL SRX700 series


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Hi all,


JBL SRX 700 series


Just after personal opinions from anyone who's used these cabs...Love them, like them, loathe them hate them?


All comments appreciated.


Just after users opinions on this range of cabs.


I really don't want to start another which speaker topic, so not really interested in alternatives at this moment..... That'll be the subject of a new topic later.


We're a hire company so do a little bit of everything.


Comments appreciated.

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I have used an install of them (The 'Performance Room' in Liverpool) and was pleasantly surprised. Not sure which the tops were (it was a few years ago) but I expect they were the 1x12, and there were two 718s per side. The 718s were a little heavy for what they are but they performed well.
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The 728+722 is a nice sounding combination.



Possible downsides:


728 is a bugger to move as the handles aren't where you want them to be (look at the end of a 728 & compare with say a d&b B2 then you'll see what I mean). Probably best buying double the amount of 718s instead, more versatile - especially from a hire perspective.


The 700 series are not the most efficient boxes around and are VERY power hungry, therefore be thinking about some real meaty amps to drive them.


Again, thinking from a hire perspective, they're not that popular this side of the pond.

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I have the 712m wedges, which get used as a monitor rig or monitors & PA on sticksupported by a pair of 718 bins. Sound is clear but pattern control isn't that well defined on the relatively small horn.


They do need a fair whack to make them sing, but they are very light and compact - excellent for those gigs where a small discrete box is needed.



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I've used Simon Lewis' rig quite a few times both as FOH and monitors and as enginer, musician and audience.


They're nice clear boxes, very light for what they are, versatile in what you can do with them.

I'd say they're well suited to corporate, playback and light music; the few times I've used them for rock and roll they were lacking the necessary guts and low mid power (though they may well have delivered that with more gutsy amps).


They're voiced quite toppy to my ears, and I always find myself pulling the high end back on the graphic. The top end is very clear and precise sounding, but when mixing its very easy for it to step from clear to harsh.


The subs are good, very efficient for their size and light too. Plenty of wobble, perhaps lacking a little punch.


I'd agree with Simon's comments on dispersion control, but you're never going to get very precise with such a small compact box.


All in all, good versatile boxes, but don't expect them to do loud gutsy rock and roll.

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I'm not a big fan of the brand, but the 700s are very good boxes, and in many locales the name alone will get you work, irrespective of the sound quality (JRX). I've heard the 728's put out an unbelievable amount of solid low end (below 80) when driven by only a K2 in stereo mode (that's only 800W/box).
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