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I am involved with an amateur group who have their own venue. As well as their own shows they also let the venue out to other people (both amateur and professional). There are no paid technicians everything is done by volunteers but there is a real problem finding enough people to keep things running.


In the past I have visited an amateur venue which had one paid technical person (the Technical Manager) who took care of day to day stuff as well as organising, training and supervising the volunteers.


I was just wondering how other venues handle the technical side of things.

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Well, I manage my venue - both from the general day to day side and the technical. We are all unpaid (except the cleaning firm we use).

On the whole, we have built up a reasonable team of technicians, some very experienced, others not so, and some new but very keen starters. We take youngsters from 2 or 3 local schools who show an interest, and indeed, some of these have proven to be very competent and reliable over the years - several have either stayed with us into adulthood, or come back when they can and work allows to staff shows in one way or another.


On occasion a performing group will offer to pay a tech - something I'll always politely turn down from the venue's point of view - once we start that one, it would lead to all sorts of complications! However, if said company wanted to show gratitude in any way I always make it clear it's between them and the tech involved.

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