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How much should I charge?


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Hi all,


I have recently moved into the world of HGV/LGV driving for a lot of touring shows. I am now recieving a lot of requests from individual hire companies asking me to provide transport for their larger jobs which require something bigger than a 3.5t van. (I own a couple of 18t trucks)


I have a guide for the longer distance quotations, however Im keen to find out what would be considered a reasonable quote by those who arrange transport.


I am well aware that at present, companies pay over £120 for a 7.5t truck then fuel, insurance, driver ect....


So, for example, XXX company needs flightcases/gear transported 20 miles across town to a hotel for a large event. Requiring the vehicle for min 4 hours for the get-in. Returning a day or so later to do the same journey in return.


How much would a reasonable quote be for this?





Note: I do a lot of driving work on the side so I am well aware of costs and so on, But Im looking for a "reasonable figure" from folks on here so I give a fair price to people in this industry.

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£200 each way for the above scenario.


7.5 tonner: £90 (I would never pay £120)

Insurance: £10 (on my fleet policy)

Fuel: £15 (maximum for a 20 mile round trip)

£85 for a Cat C driver for 4 hours.



Fair enough from my point of view!

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I see nothing wrong with that list as a guideline, of course each job is different. You may not have the issue up there, but of course in London you have stuff like the LEZ which your vehicles may or may not be compliant, and my goodness me do you get to position yourself like the letter r over a cable trunk for doing so.


I take it your O license and your insurance policy both allow for your vehicles to be use for this purpose? If not you may find yourself with additional costs which may require a revision of the prices you need to charge.

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To give you a comparison about 2 weeks ago we had a 7.5ton vehicle do edinburgh to Braehead and back again with a split over night i.e. load up end of business drop at the venue the following morning and that cost us £90/way I think that's great value for money and I'm not sure how the transport company do it but they did.
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