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Source for mini carabiners , black


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Ah we have something even better these days




lets you gather up a job lot of cables, and then hook them up onto a scaff tube. The hook snugly fits onto a 48.3mm tube and can have a cable tie put on as a safety. The larger one was tested and broke at around 100kg!! blindingly useful.




Hi I need to find some black mini carabiners ( 5/6 cm) or snap hooks to rig a strain relief for some 2.5mm mains cable, they must be black.



Need them quick around, 20 units


Any pointers would be welcome





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bear in mind that you should never use anything to its breaking point, and in the case

of anything used to lift or suspend weight, a safety factor should be applied.

For example, most SWR slings have a safety factor of 5:1, and roundslings have an sf of 7:1.


Given your hook broke at circa 100Kg, the SWL will be at most 20Kg, however, it was probably on

the verge of breaking well before 100Kg, so it is likely to be lower than this.


If no proper SWL has been assessed, then this should be done before using it for lifting / suspending any



A few cables sounds innocent enough, but 100Kg is not to be sniffed at when its hitting you in the head,

similarly a Socapex connector falling from 6m will put a fairly good dent in you noggin.


Also, if your using a safety, it should atleast be capable of holding the full weight of the load, and be rated for such.

A cable tie has no load rating, and will break fairly easily, a steel, rated safety bond is only a couple of quid, and is reusable.


No cold water pouring intended.

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And if they are un rated, they are not to be used for any lifting purpose, regardless of the load.


Lest we forget, these mini carabiners, mallions and shax can also be used to join the chain around your garden gate etc.


If its intended for lifting, it will have a load rating, a cert, and will comply to the relevant standards.

If it does not have these, its not for lifting, and should not be used for lifting. (or suspending)

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