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Digidim 12 Basis HELP!short lifetime BULBS


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After installation a Digidim Basic 12 Dimmer pack I have some problems that the glowbulbs are having a short lifetime.


The glowbulbs burning about 14 hours each day with 75% of the control (180V measured).


The control unit can,t be switchd(power off) of in the night because then all the light starts to blink,all the channels on the control panel turned till zero.

The couse of blink?= no interface with dimmerpack and control panel?



Are there some adjustment needed with the dimmerpack?

-like phase correction?

-preheat? would not be required ?




Further are there posibilities to change the glowbulbs to dimmable energy saving light bulbs?? witch brand are compatible with this dimmerpack?


thnx for your reply

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Not familiar with the particular dimmer :




But would check what is set in the menus , it is probablty possible to set a preheat level as high as 75%


Also the blink may be how it is set to respond to loss of signal, check the manual.


Or it may just be faulty, but explore all the menu options first.


Dimmable CFLs, they are available but wont dim to 0% properly , try Megaman for starters



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