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hi there!


Im a sound guy, done RCCL voyager and monarch.. applied for princess cruises in order to work as a sound engineer in the main room..

Got a phone onterview, they said "u re qualified for the job!"

cool but then after couple of weeks,


Dear xxx


Thank you for your interest and taking the time to interview last week.

The process of selecting the most qualified candidate was very difficult, as we interviewed a very large number of applicants with relevant qualifications. After a thorough review, we regret that we are unable to offer you a position at this point in time. We will, however, maintain your application on file for six months.

We would like to thank you for your interest in Princess Cruises and take this opportunity to wish you every success for your future endeavors.


Best regards,



SO I asked them:


May I ask you to provide some feedback as to why the company considered that I was not a good match for this position?

I have had many people ask me for that feedback so that can do better the next time I will have an interview.



And they replied:



Dear Dario,


We interviewed numerous candidates for a limited number of positions, and had to choose the most qualified candidate from the pool.



that's weird uh? any suggestions?

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Why is this weird? Is it just me?


You asked for a job, they decided that among the candidates available, you weren't the strongest. So you didn't get the job. As far as I'm aware providing more feedback than that is entirely optional on their part. Good practice maybe, but certainly not an obligation.

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I'm not totally sure what you are asking. You applied for a job which they confirmed that you were suitably qualified for and by the sounds of it had relevant experience for. You were probably one of many in this position and you didn't get selected for the role on this occasion which could be down to many things such as other people having greater experience or better qualified. They then informed you that you had been unsuccessful and when requested provided feedback (albeit brief).


In the current economic climate there are generally a lot more people applying for a position than there were a couple of years ago and it is very much an employer's market. In some ways I think you were lucky that you actually got a reply which is more than a lot of employers seem to do these days. It is not necessarily a reflection on you or your abilities but a case of the emploer has more people to choose from and someone else had more to offer than you did. Sorry but that is life.


Must type faster-beaten to it

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What's more weird, is asking the same question twice! (Though I suspect the other thread will vanish soon ;) )


Other than that, they chose the person they though will be best for the job & it's not you. Why is that weird?


This is not meant to be rude. You are probably very capable of doing the job, just not (on the strength of a telephone interview) the best.

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The others have hit the nail on the head, really.


Telling you that you were qualified for the job is not the same thing as offering you the position. They probably said the same thing to everyone they interviewed (no point in shortlisting candidates for interview if they're not qualified, is there?!). So you didn't get the job - them's the breaks! Every rejection brings you one step closer to the one that you do get, so don't take it badly!

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Any employer has to select first the competent people or those capable of starting the job, then they have to find the personalities that fit the companny ethos and will gel socially and professionally with the existing crew. Then they can chose the oe they like fron the qualified applicants.


Lots of people want to work the cruise liners, the companies and agencies have to make some hard choices based on very little, and then select the person who is going to do a changeover without changing anything on the ship.

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