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Unusual event ideas


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Hi all,


Just been asked to "light my bus"


My client has purchased a double deck bus and is in the process of converting it into a pottery making/party bus.


The launch night is within the next few weeks - However im stumped for ideas on how to create something for her.


From what im aware, the launch party is in a car park with a grotty looking building in the vicinity.


Obviously I can light the bus in a basic way, however everything from a kabuki drop to pyros are running through my head.


I've never done an event like this before so any ideas or past experience in a similar situation would be much appreciated!




Budget, power and size is no issue. (for once!)

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  • LED wash lights inside (maybe 1 per window so you can have colour chases
  • Pyros - airburst or flashtubes?
  • Skytracker (or equivalent) behind the bus create floods in the air
  • Strobes (try and create the same effect as the LEDs)
  • Create an equal wash over the whole bus (maybe with UV)
  • Lights underneath the bus to create a glowing effect



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Many a building scrubs up well with the addition of a few HID floods in nice colours (city colours) up lighting them. That might make a nice back drop. Then I guess tones of smoke, beams and strobes. Beams from big exterior things strobes on the floor under the bus and anywhere else around the bus. Profiles on wind-ups pointed at the bus, preferably with more pointed at the bit of the bus with the logo.


That lacks a lot of imagination but would probably do it.


You want to see what I did for the stage bus launch then it's in the gallery on the trace lighting website. That didn't have infinite, time, money or power. Also the stage bus has well...a stage in it. If you want to talk about buses with stages on then I can help or possibly Tev (who's bus it is) may be of more use. Both websites are in my sig.

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If you're looking for something a bit unusual and your budget is sensible I can't help thinking about the look of the bus in Priscilla Queen of the Desert currently in town. If you were to use something like Color Web (Overlapped for double resolution) or Stealth you could drape this over the whole of the outside of the bus and run low res video over it. A quick google search on Priscilla Bus should show what they did, there might be the usual random bit of footage on You Tube as well.


p.s. - Just to be up front and open, we are probably your closest/cheapest supplier of Color web

p.p.s - I am obviously not suggesting you simply rip off the idea above from the musical but just potentially use it as a basis for an idea of your own.

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