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Loss in RG59

billy bobinski

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Hi Guys.


I have been testing some new kit using a simple set up of camera one end, monitor the other and over a 200 metre length of RG59 and have been losing (using appropriate peak to peak metre) 350mV over this distance.


This seems a little high to me so I tried it on 100m of a different manufacturers cable and lost around 200mv. these were both from an input signal of not far off 1.2 volts p to p.


Has anyone got any idea what the acceptable losses are over 100m? Because both these findings are apparent on the final image quality.


Your help would be appreciated as always.

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For very long runs I tend to use Canford VCS - (BBC PSF1/3M) - annoyingly the specs for generic RG59 and this make comparison difficult, but the VCS is lower loss, and it's better screened too - and much tougher. The main issue I always have with long cables isn't so much the video loss, it's unpredictable sync, as the sync pulse falls too low.
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