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Which Projector?


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I know there are loads of threads similar to this one but couldnt find out the answer to my question so hope this is legitimate.


Is it possible to rig a projector directly over the stage (centre stage on fly bars or grid) somewhere between 5m and 7m dependant on which theatre we are in and get a 10m x 10 m image on the stage floor?


If it is possible - which projector should I use? Ideally I would like the projector to be as versatile as possible.


I have a budget of up to £8000


Any advice greatly recieved.



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I think its going to depend on if you are touring or not, and if you want to use it again. I know a local supplier to me that supplied a load of projectors for a lens down job. But in theory if they can do lens down you could have changeable lenses that should be close to what you are looking for. I think the one I am getting will so about 7-8 from 6m throw.


Also Sanyo and maybe Cannon do a "image+ratio+distance= this projector"


In fact I'm feeling nice http://entfernungsrechner.sanyo.de/tool_txt.asp?lg=E





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How partial are you to the 10m x 10m size? This is quite large given your throw, and is also square, which means you'll be wasting some of your 'projected area' and resolution. Additionally, if you try to do it from one point with a very wide lens anyone on stage will cast fairly large shadows...


If you look to do it with several projectors (four would make sense) you'll have to deal with the issue of splitting your source into the four parts, which will cost money you don't have...


The reason most projectors aren't recommended for severe angles is (I believe) heat management within the projector and the effect on the lamp. They will work, but expect a reduction in lamp life. You can convert a projector to be downward firing using a mirror... I'm currently developing a projector mount that will incorporate a mirror system - let me know if it's of interest.



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Quite a few projectors are now specifically promoted as 360 degree - that is, they will operate in any attitude. eg newer Sanyos, Christies etc


But flying a projector horizontally can sometimes be easier anyway, with a 45 degree mirror (ideally front silvered - get one from Vacuum Coatings) as another poster has suggested. If you are going for a single projector - and it will have to be pretty beefy if it is operating under stage lights - you will be looking at the shortest lens designed for rear projection, with a throw to width ratio of about 0.8:1.

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I think unicol do units for that.

Not that I'm aware of - nothing in their current catalogue either... They do sell mounts for short throw projectors that have mirrors on them, but they are part of the projector. I'd be surprised to see a unicol product that involves something other than steel and aluminium! :(


Personally I'm not a fan of Unicol mounts for non-install use, but that's another topic and another thread...



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Thats great - thanks for all your help - its a tricky one as we need to buy the projector for this particular project but I wanted to get it as versatile as possible for the future. We are a touring comapny hence the different throw heights from overhead. I think we are going to get a 360 degree projector with an interchangable lens and then buy the particular lens for this project. Fingers crossed its the right choice!


Thanks again

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