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Speaker cone sizes...


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Hi Blue-rooms.


I keep hearing how a cone's diameter is half the wavelength at which the cone's dispersion restricts to 90°. Could anybody be kind enough to explain the science of why this happens, or at least point me in the direction of some good reading?

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The chapter on direct radiator loudspeakers in Olson's Acoustical Engineering treats this quite comprehensively. That book (and its reproductions) may be out of print. Other texts to check include Collums' High Performance Loudspeakers, Borwick's Loudspeaker and Headphone Handbook and Ballou's Handbook for Sound Engineers (awaiting 4th edition release).


However, these texts are somewhat pricey, and the entry on Directivity in Wikipedia under loudspeakers is worth reading, albeit as a brief introduction to the subject.


The basic answer is that radiation from a 'piston' is dependent upon the piston radius and the wavelength of the sound being reproduced.



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