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Screen and Projector Recommendations


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Has anyone got any advice on suitable screen size and projector brightness for an installation in a church where the front-to-back distance of the hall is 16m, the width 10m and the distance from projector to screen is 5m?

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.





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I'd suggest a site survey!


Regarding brightness, I'd go for at least 5,000 lumens as an absolute minimum - it also depends on the light levels in your church! Are you intending front or rear projection?


A 3m wide screen would be the minimum I'd suggest!


Let me know if you'd like a free survey!



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Quite a lot depends on what you want to do with the system. For typical song words projection you don't need quite as powerful a projector as you would if you were doing much projection of video material, which often seems very dark in comparison. And as Dan has said, the level of ambient light falling on the screen makes a huge difference. A site survey from someone who knows churches is essential!
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