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Smoke Design Hazer Mk2


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Just got hold of one of these. Seems to produce a reasonable haze. Only thing is, there are very few details (like, none) anywhere about it.

Only other thing is can ascertain is it was made in Bolsover, England (says it on the side, clever eh!).


What I really want to know is what sort of fluid to go for in it. It has about half a bottle left, but I'll need some more at some point. Would rather it wasn't too expensive stuff. Any more than £25 and it will have been more than the machine!

Also, any other general info on the unit, reviews, findings, common faults, whatever. It comes with a remote and seems very well built.


Any help appreciated.

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Wow, I've bought that much of an obscure haze machine!

Done a touch more digging myself, came across this if it's of any interest:




Then found this;




Basically, it looks like the manufacturer is no longer.


I thought I'd struck the jackpot when I lifted the fluid bottle out of its' holder an fdound a label on it, then discovered it was the manufacturer's own brand fluid.

Anybody like to second guess on a reasonably safe bet fluid to go for in this thing? I'm guessing pretty much any water based haze fluid should do the job, and am leaning towards a jem fluid, particularly this one;



I know there's a fair bit of discussion goes on about what fluid should be used where, my thouhts are; it's a cheap machine that, if possible, I'd like to keep going, but without spending too much money on. At the same time though, if things go wrong, it isn't the end of the world.


That said, if anybody forsees a major problem with using that fluid, it'd be nice to know before I buy it!!


Cheers all

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I'd be tempted to try it. As long as it's clearly water based (which it does look) then I can't see how you can go far wrong. If it spits then fluid is too thin and maybe you want to avoid, but otherwise worst that can happen is fluid is too dense and eventually machine will clog up. Flush regularly with deionised and all will probably be fine.
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