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LS9 USB playback gain problem?


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Hi all,

been searching for an answer all over without luck, but came across this site and saw some thoughtful responses to other questions about the LS9, so I decided to sign up!


We have been running the LS9-32 in our theatre, and it's been pretty good for our needs.

However there is one small thing that has been bugging us, and we can't seem to find a setting for it...


The playback from USB stick seems to have the gain ramped right up. And there doesn't seem to be any controls for it...??

It's so high that the slider needs to be sitting around -60 (just above completely off!) to be an ok level compared to anything else.

Apart from being a problem when other users come in and dont know (ouch), it also means the fine control over level is non-existent.


Obviously we've tried the gain pot both with the output channel selected, but also when in the "recorder" screen. Doesn't work either way.


Any clues?


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Possible max level from files on the usb drive is 0 dbfs, thats as loud as possible in the digital domain.

Consider this in relation to 0db in the analouge domain on, the yamaha LS9 this is at -30db.

You can use the digital level trim in the eq section of the channels you route the playback through to

address this as 'the mad hippy suggests.

I find that a cut of -20 is more than adequate, that is in analouge terms a channel level of +10db peak



If the mad hippy has returned to his cave, please use the bat phone.

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