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Big Jay

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Hi all,


I primerily work in Electrics and dable in stage but one thing I have always been interested in is Automation for Musical Theatre. My question is, where do I start!


I know this may sound like a very vauge question, but, I have contacted the usual supects 'stage tech' 'silicon' ect. but nothing and also contacted quite a few west end shows to look for work experience, shadowing, dep work but again no response. I completly understand that automation needs to be done by competent people, but, where did you guys start, how did you get where you are today, I am really eager to pursure this career option but would love some guidence as to where to start.




Big J

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I'd start by graduating if I were you but in the mean time, why not ask you tutors at Central for guidance on how to further your chosen career path - that is, after all, what they are there for.
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