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Abstract stepamotor


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For a stepper motor? Isnt this just a frame size 17 stepper, like in my little picture? If it is, manufacturers dont usually do instructions, you're expected to know what to do with them.


no they're whole DMX moving head spots, but the information I've been given is just that!

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I have to say I didnt think Abstract had ever made Moving Heads, I've certainly never seen any.


Is 'stepamotor' the model name?


The chinese manufacturer 'Shanghai Moons' make alot of of the motors (and motors alone) for moving head and moving mirror fixtures, they do a motor called the 17HS0601-02 and may well be used by Abstract in their disco lights, usually as a mirror tilt motor. It's a frame size 17 stepper as I said before.


I think you need to get a few more facts for us!




PS Yes, Abstract do use Shanghai Moons 17HS series motors, the 17HS0601-02 is listed in the parts manual of an Abstract VR8 scanner as the mirror tilt motor. The -01 -02 -03 at the end is (I think) the shaft length in mm x 10


Phew, Sherlock!



So someone's read the label off one of the stepper motors on some Abstract moving mirror disco lights and told you some duff info, maybe!!?!!

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Hi Bobby

Im a bit of an Abstract fan I have got or have owned nearly every product ever made by abstract

and Im not currently sure what your have is it just a stepper motor or a unit with a stepper motor that you require

information on.


Like it's been said Post a picture or at least describe your item in more detail and what you require ?

Id be only to happy to help or certainly point you in the right direction but need more info mate.

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