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Crowd Pit barrier


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Quick recommendation - buy the aluminium stuff if you can afford to. It's so much lighter than the steel stuff and will be kinder on the floor if you are a venue operator. We have quite a bit of the litestructures stuff in house here and it's great. Also, if you can afford it and have the space, the dollies (trollies) are better for storage. You can wheel the whole lot to where you need it instead of moving it one by one.


If your budget is tight, give the larger hire companies a call - they may be selling off some of their older units. I believe StageHire do this on occasion. But remember - it will have been EVERYWHERE!!!!

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I sell, Rent and Pimp crowd barrier. I use mainly steel barrier as found in all the Academy Group Venues. I can also sell Mojo, Litestructures, Youngmans, Atlas Steel and Ali Barrier.


Steel is far cheaper than Ali. Mojo section is around 1000 pounds per meter compared to 380 for a steel section.


If you can afford it get Ali, but generally money talks and your crew need to work harder so get steel.


I do not recommend Litestructures barrier myself as it is flimsy compared to other products - Litestructures know this themselves and are in development of a Mark 2 Version (word on the street). I dont like a product that uses M10 bolts. My barrier is joined with large high tensile cap head bolts. Each section will take 6 kn. Nothing shifts it!!!


John Mann


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