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Cracked Oil?

billy bobinski

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Hi All,


Many moons ago I remember we used to use a 'cracked oil' substance which was placed in a frying pan and put on top of a small electrical hob to produce a haze for the beams to show up. On larger stages there were 3 or 4 of these dotted around.


Since it has been 10 years + since I've been on a major tour I was wondering a; can you still get the stuff, b; is that method still acceptable for producing the smoke or has it gone out of the window with 'elf n safety and c; is there any other method.


Reason that I'm asking this is because none of the vocals that I now work with like smoke from a machine, and I recall the above method caused no problems.


Any suggestions gratefully recieved.


(We didn't have this problem before the smoking ban!!)


Cheers, Billy

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I strongly recommend you take a look at the pea soup phantom system. After having a demo 6 months ago, I bought one and it is simply the best haze system I have ever used bar none - and yes I have used all the normal candidates line df50 / cirromist / mdg / unique / le maitre.

it is oil based so no probs with sore throats, outperforms cracked oil / compressor based machines and is a lot cheaper than the mdg which is the nearest equivalent - and its made in the uk


I recently have used this system for a month of filming for a very high profile tv production comming to the bbc at christmas, where it was used to provide virtually all the haze and smoke effects ( virtually every scene), with no residue problems, or complaints from anybody in the area of use.


I have no connection with this company, nor anything to gain, but I cant sing the praises of this machine enough.




ive got the smallest smoke machine in the phantom range, and it will quickly and evenly haze any venue I have gone ito in the last 6 months.

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