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JTS microboom - anyone used one?


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Hi all


I'm in need of a couple of low profile mics to add to the stock.


Uses will be pretty varied - spoken word at a lectern, panel/judges mic for competitions, low profile sung vocal mic for concerts...... the list goes on.


Of particular interest to me was this product from JTS



Not least because it comes with 3 interchangeable capsules which should give scope for all the different situations I see the mic being used in.


I do have a set of 3 AKG CK33 capsules, currently used with the HM1000 hanging modules. I know AKG make a long boom for these for a bit more money than the JTS mic, but you seem to get an awful lot more for your money with the JTS product. I know the AKG is a higher end piece of kit, but I'm not sure if in my applications, it will really matter, plus if I commit a CK33 to boom mic duties, I loose a hanging mic, and I'm stuck with the hypercardioid pattern.

I need something more suited for spoken vocals than my current stock of SM58's!


Has anybody out there used these and got any thoughts?


Studiospares have been out of stock for a long time, anybody know any other reliable (and cheap!) sellers?

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these are great mics, when they are in stock- if studiospares aint got them then there out of stock in the UK-

the only issue with these is that there has to be a mod to the capsule end if you get one out the box that dont work- just need to insert a washer to make ground with the capsule then all is ok-

the stand it comes with looks a bit vrappy, but buy a small table top stand from CPC or something and you have yourself a great performing and looking mic


good luck



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Not the Microboom, but I installed a JTS goosneck based on the same capsules last week at a church and it seems to be going well- sounds clean. Have installed the cardoid head. Only thing I dislike about the gooseneck I have (and this may not apply to the Microboom- I couldn't find any online pics) is the red LED around the head of the mic to indicate it's powered...
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Great stuff, I thought that thread had gone un-noticed! Once again the Blue Room comes up trumps.


Certainly for my requirements, it seems like a great little product. I've seen similair used in some prety large scale shows (Les Mis at the Albert Hall is the main one). I guess in those instances, it was the AKG units that got used. I was particularly impressed that it was possible to get an unobtrusive micing technque, without the use of wireless.


I hadn't thought abut asking for reviews on differnt products with the same capsules, cheers David.


JTS imports to the UK always seem to be a bit up and down, I guess a container full will arrive at once, get distributed and then get re-ordered once stocks are gone. I guess lead times can be pretty high.

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