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Strand 300 floppy


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Does any one know if there is anything odd about the floppy drive in a strand 300, I had a problem where the drive wasent reading any disks, so I swaped it out for a spair I had , now whenever I try to access the drive the desk reboots. One thing to note the drive power cable in the 300 only has 2 out if the 4 connected



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How odd, I've checked the 300 Maintenance Guide in relation to changing the floppy drive and it doesn't look like there's anything special that needs doing.


3.1.1 Replacement of Floppy Drive

Disconnect both the 26-way IDC connector and 4-way power connector from the floppy drive. The

floppy drive can either be removed by removing the four screws holding it onto the bracket or by first

removing the 2 front M4 nuts and the rear screw, withdrawing the bracket complete with the drive. This

latter may be easier (essential if the power supply is also to be removed) due to the power switch

partly obstructing access to one of the screws securing the floppy drive to the bracket.


I'll investigate this further tomorrow.



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Depends what problems you're having.

I had some issues last year when I was trying to copy upgraded fixture info down from an online downloaded file.


As I recall, I could only get the 300 to read files off a disk that I had formatted (from new) ON the 300, and file copied from the PC in DOS mode.

I had all sorts of problems with Win XP formats/copies before that gem clicked into place, though I seem to remember that there were no similar issues originally, when the PC was probably running 2000...

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