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Mac 250 NIE error?


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Hi Guys,

I'm currently working on a small festival in South East London and I have several Mac 250 Entours to play with. We are currently trying to power two of the Macs with a little 2.5KVA generator just to check stuff works before our 200KVA generator gets dropped in. However, whenever I power up a MAC, it resets fine and responds to pan/tilt until the lamp strikes, at which point the fixtures dies and restarts display 'NIE' on the display. Occasionally the lamp will remain on, but the display appears dead. Searching both the manual and the web I can't find anything on this error message - if that's what it is.

Does anyone know what this means?? Our generator output is metering out at between 209 and 234 volts and the MAC manual says it operated between 110 and 240, but we're wondering if our little generator just can't hack it!


Any thoughts guys???





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NIE is not an error that I've seen before on an Entour, although from your other symptoms I'd suggest that the generator is your problem. Small/cheap generators are notoriously bad at voltage &frequency regulation. Although the MAC is designed to work between a wide range of voltage it still needs a stable voltage & frequency which I suspect if your metering anywhere between 208 & 234 volts it isn't getting, particularly if your readings are fluctuating regularly.


Personally I'd suggest that you stop trying to use this smaller generator in case you cause any permanent damage.

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Hi, The NIE error is when the power on the unit has dropped and the unit has gone into safe mode. It keeps the processor ticking over but the rest of the functions are disabled.


Generally a power down and power up will resolve this issue. If the NIE is still there a software update needs to be done to reboot the fixture.


The cause of this will be the generater fluxuating the power.


Even tho it says it opperates between 110 and 240V the unit does not have a switch mode power supply, its manually set inside the unit. If the power is set on the transformer to 230V then 230V needs to be on the power line.

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