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Version R24 of WYSIWYG is on the main site for download, I havent tried it myself yet (downloading now) but I've been playing with the beta and that has been spanking.


The new stuff in the beta was pretty tastey so the final release should be interesting.


(I've been using Wyg since R16, I reckon that the differences from R19 to R24 almost result in a totally new package. For the live rendering at least)

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Welcome to the forum.

If you are asking for R24 because you want a cracked version, you are sadly out of luck.


1) Cracked software is illegal. Therefore the Blue Room won't allow any discussion on illegal activities.

2) Did you know that this thread is from 2009? The current release is R29, and more information can be found on the Cast Software website http://cast-soft.com/wysiwyg/overview

3) If you want to do lighting visualisation and/or pre-programming, there are other more affordable options, if you search the Blue Room then you might find more information. Do a Google search and stick site:blue-room.org.uk after your search terms.


Hope this helps..

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