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Use of Sccisor Lifts


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Hi All,

I recently accepted a job in a medium size venue that only has an electric Narrow Isle scissor lift for access. I have training booked for approx 30 days after I start, I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas of the legislation in Play regarding use.


I understand all operators need training, but is it illegal to use without AN appropriate licence?


Obviously I’m sure you can understand the problem having 1 month with no method of access.




Many Thanks


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Hi James,


I'm sure someone will be along to quote LOLER (and perhaps a bit of PUWER) chapter and verse later on, but as far as is my understanding, there is no requirement for someone to hold a "licence" (IPAF or otherwise) to use access equipment - this has been discussed a lot in the past. However, it is a legal requirement that you be appropriately trained to use such equipment, as often as is deemed necessary - your employer carrying the responsibility to ensure that this is the case.


Whilst waiting for your course is an understandable pain in the rear end, I suspect that to use the lift anyway would certainly put you on the wrong side of LOLER, the in house risk assessment and the venue's insurance.


So it looks like you're sitting at the desk for the first month... :P



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It is often mentioned on the BR that relatively few things are really "illegal".


The answer is in the fact that you are doing your training at all. Why would you need training if you and your superiors were satisfied that you had already had "adequate training"?

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Thanks for the advise!


My thinking was also that, if you have been given training to use the equipment it would be ok to do so.


But its always best to air on the side caution, I have the training pencilled in: so it looks like I’ll be organising the pen collection for a few weeks. I'll have a chat with our H&S Manger and see how they feel.


Thanks again for the advise.



James :P

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