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proper name for tape


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That rather depends on how delicate your carpet is...

Good quality gaffer tape might do the job, but you'd want to test it on an inconspicuous bit first. Camera tape is also good but not particularly cheap.

I regularly use decent gaffer on the very hard wearing carpets you get in commercial buildings but they're so indestructible that sometimes the tape won't even stick to them...

If it's a domestic type carpet or other more easily damaged type, I'd go for rubber mats rather than tape.

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We work in a few more “up market” hotels that can get a little funny if you leave lots of tape residue over their carpet. To get around this we have a number of cable covers of varying lengths that are then held down by a small piece of tape at the ends and maybe the middle on a long run.




Maybe something like this would be a better bet?

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