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Desktop Video Editing


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Ace: What would you use for sampling your video (hardware wise?) I've got a chunk of Linux machines at home...and this may be my best way to put them to use, rather than as web-dev servers. I've got access to camera's and machines, I am just curious as to what I should use to connect the camera's to my boxes?


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I would suggest the Formac Studio DV (www.formac.com) it is a very simple and easy to use bit of kit with a child like look. Don't be put off by it white plastic exterior it peforms it socks off in difficult situations (a 28 degree humid night club for 6 hours strait without crashing)(quicky touching some wood)


Again don't worry about the name it not just for mac, it is cross platform, because it simply converts an anolgue sorce into a dv stream over firewire, and visa versa.


I would swear by it.

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