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Sand bags


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can anybody help ?

I need to make a secondworld war army theme I have got loads of empty sandbags but dont want to fill with sand but wan't the sandbag wall effect

It needs to be light to carry and also stack well


Any ideas what I can fill with ?


Goes without saying Fire Resistant etc

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We recently made some with about 1/3 sand (to give them some actual weight, to save any cod 'heavy' acting) and 2/3 vermiculite. This means they get set down with a more realistic 'thud' as well, but will not break anyone's back.
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Sorry Paul Im not an expert but isnt Polystyrene Flammable

or do you do something to it to stop it becoming so ?



I believe you'll find Paul said:


but with safe fabric not sacking


to deal with the fire issue.



That said, I second (or third) the vermiculite idea. I've used it at least three times and it works well...though hat's off to the sand/vermiculite idea. I've run into the problem of the bags looking too light when handled and that sounds like an elegant solution.



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Sorry if Iwas being particully vague


My only experience with Polystyrene is being told off by a fireman friend who showed me how fire spread round a room because the polystyrene coving acted like petrol

So from what I'm understnding is the material around it what stops the polystyren from catching fire ??

is that why you said use a different material?

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You can get Flame Retardant Polystyrene - including balls:


which is what the ones on our stage at present are filed with (if I believe the technical rider).


You can also get flame retardant Hessian to make up your sacks with.



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I have seen cat litter used for filling stage sand bags, it is a lot lighter then real sand, but a lot heavier than polystyrene beads and therefore more realistic.

Cat litter is inherently non flamable.


Although it may seem rather expensive, it is cheaper in bulk packs, and if you know anyone who keeps cats indoors, then after the show it can be reused as intended.

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