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Self Powered P.A recommendations


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Hey, all


I have looked into the L'acoustic self powered.. Nice, but a bit pricey.. Meyer UP's pricey and a bit too sterile IMO --


Are there any that I am over looking? They would be replacing my PS15/LS1200 system which I use for small clubs and pubs..


Any recommendations would be appreciated..



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I have the smallest cabs from the RCF TT series. Very good indeed, and so are the larger boxes that I've heard.


Thanks for that, men.. A couple of questions, however,,


Mark, are the TT's appropriate for Clubs and Pubs? They look more akin to my Alpha system than my PS15 system...


Also, mostlyharmless, are the NUQ's self powered? Do you know any apx costs?

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I can highly recommend KV2 Audio EX Series. www.kv2audio.com


Really stunning quality and reasonably priced.


If you would like details on pricing or to arrange a demo please let me know.

I'd be glad to assist.



Steve King

LMC Audio Systems

07798 676742

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I've heard they are very punchy speakers with hardly any need for an eq (this may depend on the room/venue mind)


From experience of mixing through them a few times, I wouldn't say hardly any need for eq. They're very nice but do need a bit of work to get them sounding at their best. Infinitely better than the QSC HPR122i we auditioned them against which sounded so poor in comparison we thought they were faulty... (but were assured that they weren't)

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Hearing great reports about the new K12s and k subs from QSC?

1000 watt per cab powered


Should check it out or if anyone has any info please post it here









Fohhn Xperience.


Very modular system that allows flexibility combined with low weights for transport and excellent sound quality. They also feature full on-board DSP for professional applications.



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I'm just going to put it out there... Unless you've suddenly developed a phobia of speakon cable, I guess you're doing this because you want to save the weight of an amprack for the PS15 rig. Now, I think we all know how difficult it can be to find a rig with a voicing that we're happy with, and we also have realised the quite sizeable amounts of money involved with systems of this size. Perhaps think about repowering the nexos with a couple of 1u digam K3s or a 4 channel lab gruppen fp10000q, thus making your foh amprack only 3u including the nexo controller, and potentially saving you quite some cash.
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I'm with Matt on this one - the Nexo kit is OK sounding, and certainly a match for the KV2/RCF suggestions made so far. I haven't heard it against the NuQ so can't really comment...but the Nexo certainly isn't what I would call heavy. Maybe looking at switching the amps with Powersoft or Lab....or another brand to look at would be FFA, as their new four-channel models really are something to write home about if you're looking for power in a compact package. Almost certainly more cost-effective too....


Just my 2p!



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