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Behringer DCX2496 Problems...

Dan Appleby

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Hi All,


We own a Behringer DCX2496 Ultradrive that we are having a few problems with... I connected it to my work PC last week to set up some configurations - all was well, it 'synced' with the software and did what it was supposed too, blah de blah. While it was connected, I though I'd download the latest firmware... oooh big mistake! For some reason, whilst the software was updating it failed, and now it seems the unit won't even power up. All I get when I press the power switch is a quick flash of the logo and then a blank screen.


I have done some reading up on this on the web, and the problem seems relatively common. I have tried a few things such as booting it up into 'update mode', but to no avail - my PC won't even recognize that the unit is connected. I have e-mailed the tech support people but 5 days later have received no response. The whole debacle is very frustrating! To me it seems that the unit currently has no operating software on it.


Anyone come across this before or know a way out of it?


Also, while I'm here, does anyone have any reasonable alternatives to a DCX2496?? I suspect we will be needing a replacement!



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Not known this issue before, other issues with them that are fairly easily rectified. Can't fault them as a budget friendly unit, I still have a few although they don't get much use nowadays as most of my amps have processing.


LA Audio DLX260 is where I'd be putting my money. But a fair price hike from the DCX. Got a spare DCX if you need one as an interim, do let me know. They do a 4 output one aswell.



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There's a 'generic' style DLM unit available under several different badges, including Ecler, OHM, Dap Audio etc which will do almost everything the Ultradrive will do, and is even cheaper! The only bugbear is that it has a 2-line LCD display rather than the mini screen that spoils the user of the Behringer and Driverack etc...though you can configure and adjust it via PC and included software easily as well. I set one up once, they sound good and the PC is the best way to program them.


The cheapest I've seen it is via Thomann where it's known as the T-Racks DS 2/4.


thomann page

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Mine has been fine but I'm sure you don`t want to hear that now............


You could try the factory reset. To do this you need to power the unit down then press and hold both page keys whilst powering the unit on. It should ask you to confirm, just press ok.


It might help it might not.


As for the alternatives, I looked long and hard at the t.racks one and it is a good unit but I went for the DCX2496 as it had the 3rd input and that gives me the option to run aux fed subs and the main PA in stereo if I want to

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