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Madonna Stage Collapse

Ian H

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I am on the current Madonna Tour and I would just like to stress that the cause of the accident is still very unclear. It is not anything to do with a lighting rig as the Daily Mail suggests in the above linked article. The event occurred during the lift of the main roof by four cranes. The main touring crew were with the show in Udine Italy at the time. All on the Madonna crew send love to the familys of the two men killed, a local rigger and a member of one of the touring Steel crews. Much love is also sent to those still in hospital.


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Moderation: With the addition of on the spot information, and the fact that any real official technical report will be a long time coming, we're going to close this topic now to avoid the usual speculation and repeated comments from non-technical media sources.


Thanks to all who contributed.

:** laughs out loud **:

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