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LS9 / M7CL cards


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Need to get more I/O from LS9/M7, but not sure most flexible card to buy.. want do different things at different times.. eg. inserts, record outs, extra in's, extra sends.. etc etc


1. MY16-AE 16ch's of AES/EBU I/O - £525.. useful as can plug direct into other digi gear like amps, desks & some FX. will happily go down a multicore... but finding converters for 8 or 16 ways of AES/EBU to other formats seems harder. ie. 8xAES/EBU > Analogue or ADAT or Ethersound or MADI etc.. can't think of anything in the reasonably priced bracket. there is probably a Apogee or similar, but thats serious money.


2. MY16-AT - 16ch's of ADAT I/O - £323.. ..less direct connectivity options than AES.. doesn't go down a copper m/core. But loads of converters from ADAT to just about every other format on the planet.


what cards do you use & why?



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I use that adat 16 card with 2 focusrite octopres for first 16 radios and desk inputs for band (mainly musicals I use it for). I find the focusrites give me a nice warm sound for radios


Are you planning on using loads of outboard gear with the desk? It's not the most convenient desk to use outboard gear with because it was really designed to be an all in one desk that will fit under your arm.


Speaking exclusively about ls9 that is.

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Count me as another user of a couple of MY-16-AT expansion cards, in my case with the cheap and cheerful Behringer ADA8000s. However, I should say that the radio mics I've used for years were Sony with line level outs for the receivers so I'm less concerned with the quality of the mic pre amps. I'd likely be less complacent if I were running mic level through the ADA8000s.


I've rarely used much (if any) outboard with any Yamaha digital board...a dedicated GEQ on the output (easier to grab instantly) and, very occasionally, a rider-specified effects unit for a particular vocal or something. Beyond that, frankly if the onboard effects and dynamics aren't good enough for you, you probably don't like the sound of the board either--and need to spend several times the money to get a different sound.



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Either the MY-16AT cards really are the most flexible cards or we all have no imagination!


Fiddly to connect on an LS9 with the cards at the bottom, I tells you


It's not a problem in my case...


Also, I have my MPX500 in and out on the SP/DIF

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My company owns 2 LS9/32 and and one LS9/16, and we have 2 MY16-ATs, which are always being swapped around between desks, so we really should buy a couple more sometime!


We often use them with Focusrise OctopreLE Mic Preamps to generate extra inputs or, in the case of the LS9/16 (which has 8 outs), extra analogue outputs. We sometimes provide 16 TRS 'channel direct outs' for a client to record this way.


The MY16-ATs also interface with our ALESIS HD24 to make a nifty 24 track recording with just 3 TOSLINKs. The TOSLINK is, however the second worst ever connector in the history of the world, after the SCART, so we do have to watch our post plugging fiddling.


One other very useful card we have is the MY8-AD which gives a nice bunch of TRS Jack inputs. This is often in the LS9/16 for conference / presentation style shows and can handle all the unbalanced replay CD/MD/PC stuff that prolifrates at such events.


Hope this gives some idea of the possibilities.



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We use several aes cards with our yamaha consoles linking directly to our dolbylake processors. The dlp processors contain the Dante cat 5 transport system this serves as foh returns and DA conversion.

The monitor console outputs also link into this system via aes, and our 16channels LS9's with an AD8HR can do 24 input channels and 8 mixes out via the dlp's and another 8 mixes for ears using the console outs if necessary.


external spx2000's and TCD2 via aes or sp-dif


We use adat cards to hook up Hard disk recorders and multi channel pc playback.

My8ad with the ml8 analogue preamp.


We use an apogee big ben providing synchronization for the entire system


Until someone makes a digital multi system with separate headamps for foh/mons, I'll stick to the big snake.


Adat just does not compare to aes for sound quality, as ghance points out the equipment to connect to is far more expensive.

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