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Showing an event


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Hi I doing an an event which I'm supplying some screens and a camera to show a gig. However there is a sporting event on the TV (terrestrial Tv) which it beens suggested we could show before the event starts, there is going to be between 650 and 1000 people there. The event is on a farm so they have no TV license, technically its not as issue Aerial plus my freeview box. However what I want to know is the legal side of showing it. Its a one of event and won't happen again?


Thanks in advance

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And a licence to show the material.


I can't confirm this but it depends on what channel this is.


If it is on a 'Free to Air' channel - E.g. ITV, BBC etc then you must have a TV license, and possibly an entertainment license.


We showed Wimbledon in a public space last year (The whole 2 weeks) and the BBC told us that as long as we didn't screen adverts, or charge to get in it was free to air as long as we had a TV license.


To be sure I would get in touch with the relevant channel and confirm the legality of the situation, get a TV license and your local authority on the Ents licensing side of things.


Good Luck!

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