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Getting into a Strand Quartet


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Hi Guys


I don't normally post such questions but Im stumped and cant find the answer on the strand site or though playing with the unit.


I have a unit that I need to change the cable on and cant seem to open the lamp house wide enough to get to the terminal blocks to change the cable. The handle forms the hinge of the unit but how to you access the section with the cable gland in?


Thanks in advance



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Having just had to open one of these up, I thought I'd document the correct procedure for future reference - no need to risk breaking the casting.

Start at the hinge pin at the opposite end to the mains cable - look for a very fine line:


That hinge pin is a cap that can be popped off with a suitable fine-bladed screwdriver.



Once the cap is completely off, it's easy to separate the two halves of the lantern, unscrewing the earth bond as you go.


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In 10 years at a venue with 2 dozen quartets, I never noticed that!

Not worked there for a while now, but having rewired most of them I'm surprised......

Are they all like that, or was it a modification in the mk2? The place was fitted out in 1995, so they would be mk1 I think.

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