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Non-staining fake brandy?


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Hi everyone, I'm a new member, and I'm very glad to have found this forum.


I'm running costumes for a stage production of "Smell of the Kill".


One of the characters tosses some "brandy" at another character, causing the second character to exclaim "I hope it doesn't stain my blouse!"


I don't want it to stain either, obviously.


Does anyone know of a liquid I can supply that will look like brandy, but not stain the costume? (Which seems to be polyester.)


I can wash the costume every night, but it would be much better if I could just sponge it off between shows and wash it once a week.


Tea won't do, because tea stains. I thought perhaps of watered-down cola, which is the right color and won't stain like tea, but I then would have to deal with sticky liquid splashing around the set.


Any ideas? Thanks for your help!

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Burnt sugar - a drop in a brandy glass of water will turn it the colour of brandy but it won't stain because there is so little of the colouring.

Do a Blue Room search for burnt sugar and it will give you some places to buy it from.

Easiest way to make it up is get a large empty plastic clear drinks bottle, fill it with water and add a few drops of burnt sugar to get it to the right colour. Then you have a large bottle of "brandy" ready to fill your stage decanters, glasses etc.

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Thanks, Suzette... I'm from the States, and I have to confess that I never heard of burnt sugar. When I looked it up, I discovered that it's what we call caramel.


Which brings me back to diluted cola, since the coloring in cola is due to caramel.


I don't know if I can buy caramel extract in the market here, but I will look for it. Maybe it wouldn't be as sticky as diluted cola.

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