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Gobo Scroller


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Are you looking for mulitple gobo's or an effect like clouds? If it is effects such as clouds or fire then it would be an animation wheel you are looking for , if it is just static gobo's like a gobo wheel in an intellegent fixutre then I have never heard of such thing, but, in Billy Elliot, 'Fisher' uses an old color scroller that is on the set which is automted, maybe you could find something like that and alter the colors with gobo's. I could be completly wrong.
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Gobo rotator - mechanical unit to rotate standard gobos in the standard gobo slot/gate, either on/off or DMX controllable;


Effects wheel - large wheel mountable on the front end of a profile (in the colour frame slot) which passes a pattern in front of the beam output - harder to focus but gives a more linear effect from (usually) a breakup type of gobo pattern - often used for fire effects, maybe in conjunction with fixed gobo in the gate.


Animation wheel - large wheel, again front-mounted, but on an effects projector rather than a profile. Usually glass, and most popular effects are rain, snow, clouds and fire, printed on the glass. Used in conjunction with a lens which drops onto the front of the effect.


Might help, if what you're looking for isn't any of the above, if you could describe better the effect you want to achieve...

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