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PCB tracks

Chris Adam

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One of my Avo consoles has a dodgy fader, which, after a bit of investigation, looks like it's where the tracks join the fader on the PCB. I've tried to replace the fader, just in case (and I was doing the others anyway), but to no avail. Totally Dead.

Is there anyway to make a secure connection with the copper track again? I've thrown a hugfe chunk of solder at it, but all that does is fill the hole with flux, and nothing else.

If anybody has any suggestions, I'd be up for hearing them, otherwise I might wire point to point, just to get it working again.


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Yep I agree with aidso, link it with some miniature flex, you can also use a strand of 5 or 10A fusewire if it's a short run. Blobbing solder or splashing silver paint on it will just allow the bad track to fail again as the fader or board flexes slightly in use. Wrap the wire around the pcb pin and scrape the varnish off the track where you'll join it to. Then clean any flux deposits off with a very small amount of IPA, (I use a soft toothbrush) but dont wash it down as you'll get the fader contaminated.
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