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buy pyro's for spain


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Hi I work for an open air club night in Ibiza and we would like to buy some pyro's..????


can any one help...????


we used them last summer and made our show's amazing...we used Gurb's, Smoke with Flash and Fire Fountain's..??? these were the left over form Manumission's stock so they was already on the island...!!!


if any one can help thanks x

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Get a specialist importer or a local theatre supply house familiar with your needs and the intended product, or face the possibility that a Spanish prison is not as comfrotable as a British one if you are found importing unauthorised explosives.


If you need products from a spceific manufacturer, ask the manufacturer who is your local authorised stockist, (to where you need to use the pyro) The common market that is the EU does NOT make movement or possession of explosives any easier.

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Your profile doesn't give much about you so I'm going to asume you not fully literate in pyrotehcnics.


Im not sure where to buy in Spain, however look for local hire companies as they will be able to get you stock. I'd avoid bringing them over from the UK - They are explosives remember!


Also, Do you have a qualified/suitably trained person to operate the pyros? If you don't know where to get pyros, that would suggest to a lot of the nutters on here that you don't know how to use them either.



Have you considered contacting the manufacturers directly? Such as Le Maitre?

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