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Christie Roadster Remote


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Hello all,


Just a quick one: has anyone got the pinout for a wired Christie Roadster remote control? The manual merely helpfully suggests that you can buy a cable, but we want to make our own.


Anyone know it?





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All I can find is that it's RS422, and that there are two versions - XLR-6 two-way remote with LCD and XLR-3 remote with only the keypad.


RS422 is differential - more or less a high-speed version of DMX actually.


In the XLR-3 one pin will be shield, and the other two will be hot and cold signal.


Best guess would be 1:1 connecting for the cable - from what I know of RS422 and RS485 drivers you will probably not damage them if you get it wrong.


For XLR-3 you can find it out:

I'd suggest finding which pin is grounded at the projector, connecting that to shield and then straight through for the other two.

If that doesn't work, swap phase for the ungrounded pins.

(RS422 drivers cannot be damaged by incorrect phase)


The XLR-6 is more difficult though, as you have no way of knowing which pair is in and which pair is out.

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Can help here as have done this before (albeit about 6 years ago), although it does depend on the projector.


The pin config is/was actually in schematics in the manual although I think we did a fair bit of metering when we took the thing to pieces. I'll try and dig out my copy that I have and see if I can find it. The biggest problem you have is that you have to bypass the batteries in the remote as the projector supplies power to the remote (we fitted a small 2 way switch) If you look in the battery compartment there should be a small 3 pin connector. If memory serves then that is were you need to connect the wires for the XLR.


I'm on a show next weekend with the guy who did the wiring and I'll ask him if he can remember exactly what he did but I don't remember it being that difficult.


If not, may I suggest you email a certain company I used to work for and get them to meter one of their X6's remotes and tell you!

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There's jumpers and things inside the remote that disconnect the battery and tell it that it's going to be wired - I just need to know which pin on the square connector goes to which on the 3-pin XLR....surely someone has one of these cables they could take apart for a moment...?
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