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stage lighting- strand Prelude 16/30, 40 & 28/40

Louis sullivan NLS

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I think that the Zooms are reasonable little lights, fixed 40 degree beams have their place in certain applications.


They give off a reasonable light for the age of the optics and the power of the lamp - but w9ould always run them with 650W lamps and take some time to align them.


Larger beam angles are useful for animation effects etc where you don't necessarily want a particularly bright light.


They project gobos reasonably, fit well in a small theatre or school environment, and can be picked up cheaply secondhand. To get spares I would check ebay and used lighting and buy a few cheap used units and take them apart.


If asked to replace some (again in a school or small venue application) I would probably look to get something like a Source 4 Junior these days.


What exactly do you want to know? Not a lot to say about them really - they're older lanterns that generally do the job they were designed for.

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