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Microphones stands


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even through techicial is hidden by to one side of the stage


If this is for a live PA I would have thought you would have been better having the sound mixer FOH so they can hear what is actually going on.


Not that other positions can't work - it just takes more to get them to work.


Also be careful about extending mic's with jacks - these often are not ballenced so will pick up more noise the longer the line.



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Sorry to drag this thread up remember there being a more appropriate one but there you go!


I'm looking for opinion on K & M's ST210/7 mic stand.


Does anyone know whether it locks off via a knob or a arm?


Cheers in advance!


Edit.Sorry these stands are for live gigging use!Using anything from a SM58 to a NTK.


Would Beyer GST 400's be preferable?

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I was looking on the K&M website, and after a bit of digging, the search product function was eventually a little productive.

The annoying thing though, was that it listed the ST210/8 and the ST210/6 I think, but not the 210/7 that you were looking for info on.


Google image search is pretty pants in terms of its results too. The images are way too small to tell.


However, my own thoughts are that I think it will have an arm rather than the twisty knob thing (like the beyer equivalents) because I've seen others of their mic stands and they have arms and not knobs.



Ooh here's a thought, have you tried emailing them? That should probably give you the definite answer. Might take a little time to respond though.


Does anyone know if it is a brand new model? or a discontinued one?




P.S. sorry I couldn't be more helpful

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