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Mac300 Transformer burn out

Impact Pete

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Hi I was running a show at Telford Centre last weekend I was using as part of the set up 6 x mac300 wash lights, they had been running during set up for at least 8 hours then again the following day at which point during the start of the gig friday stewards had to remove one of them from side of stage as it was smoking very badly. (thankfully it was at the end of a DMX run but not power).


On closer inspection the main transformer has melted on the side where the 3 paired sets of cables attach I think white purple and orange.

The main incoming fuse has not blown but obviously nothing much was working.


My question is has anyone come accross this? Is it possibly just a transformer blown or is it more likely something else caused it to blow?


Hopefully it will be simple!


any help would be great



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Thanks for all the replies! :)


For anyone with similar problems, the nice people at Martin said I was unlucky with transformer blowing, Thankfully no other damage was caused and a quick 20min swap over and my unit is back up and running.

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Sorry to see no one was able to help.. Better than being told loads of bullsh!t from ill-informed posters though :)


Glad to hear it wasn't too major an issue and that you were able to fix the head yourself.



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