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My Dream Event


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For me its always one thing...

The job thats just on the limit of my abilities but do-able..


The job that really makes me have to think and problem solve (but not gear fixing.. that different).


pefect example was one in january for me... due to budget contraints I had 30% the wattage of speakers for the gig as the previous year..

If rigged even slightly badly.. it wouldnt've worked but by properly planning it out and thinking about it.. everything turned out amazingly well...


It was soemthing I was slightly nervous of doing before hand... picking the necessary wattage for sound in large external spaces and positioning it well to cover all areas... but I managed to do the reaserch and the hard work.. and it paid off...


more like that please!

When you actually achieve something from YOUR work. be it small or big.

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I'd love to do lighting for Eurovision


Also, would like to do the opening ceremony for the Olympics,


Slightly more close to home, I'd like to do an event with a proper tech run and soundcheck - with co-operative actors.

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All of it ;)


Realistically... Grand MA Programmer and Operator please. There is a good youtube clip of the setting up for the show. I'll see if I can find it.


For a very long time, there was a complete day to day blog from Spectra, of the complete lighting production for Eurovision 07, and it was, trully fascinating.


If I remember correctly the Bus Stop, ( the flown area with all the lighting desks and media) was 22x8 metres


www.eurovisiondiary.com The link doesn't appear to work anymore, but the company that did it was called Spectra.





getting the facts straight :D

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The rig was made up mostly of MAC2000 (Both Wash and Spots),


The visualizer:


Photo Montage of Construction: Here


Some Pics:




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Just thinking of them from where I am right now ... future career plans are sort of quietly on hold until / unless the current downturn resolves itself because for once in my life I have something approaching job security in a role I actually like.


1) Getting decent-ish quality presenting kit everywhere it's needed - projectors with usable resolution and brightness, Hi-def devices, nice speakers, PCs that can punch their way out of a wet paper bag without breaking down... Maybe get myself involved more in the theatrey side of things now I know more what's in it (and the current main man is leaving) and help push for getting it all DMX'd up rather than the nasty old make-do analogue gear. Just a matter of time.


2) Getting a decent video encoding/transfer service up and running (needs significantly better PCs, big discs and maybe an investment in software, but it's doable)... there's a lot of them stalled right here for want of the time just to deal with making space to do them in. Also related to 1.2, get the audio equipment and main roomlighting in the theatre hall completely overhauled, as it's currently an embarrasing mess. Needs a push.


3) a/b) Hi-def, baby :** laughs out loud **: well... the tutors all want to get on to audio and video material to augment their courses, and we're just moving into a place technologically (world as a whole) where its possible and almost easy - get that working for them.


4) Systems that work completely automatically by thought-rays :) All in one PC/hi def player thing that's thin enough to slip behind a projection screen and makes no noise. Carbon neutral society. End of war and hunger. A worthwhile pension. Conquering of disease, aging and even the shackles of the body you were born in by advanced medicine (protein folding, nanomachines, genetic manipulation and stem cell therapies). Realistic space travel. A roller disco installed over Thatcher and Mugabe's graves. LED type lamps everywhere for fun and profit.


5) No-one having the paralysing technofear any more (staring at a power button marked "power" and going... what's this... I'm scared of it). My taking up a decent exercise regieme. Machinery not breaking down. Flying cars (sorry everyone, but no). Mornings not sucking.

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There is no point dreaming about your event... get out there and make it happen!


Seen as though this topic is in 'the next generation' it is within the interest of the youth to have a goal. Many aren't allowed to even work on gigs yet due to there age. It helps channel there thoughts down a certain route in this vast industry and there is no real reason I can see for not expressing them here. Its interesting also to read what others hope to achieve.


Maybe not all of us sit on this forum all day. Maybe we try to make it happen when we are not on here reading snipey comments like yours.






mods: some people have made some good posts in this thread. It would be a shame to close it due to one persons ignorance of it.

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Appologies if I sounded ignorant. I was mearly stating that in order to have a successful career (in any line of work) you must always be pro-active. Remember - nothing will come to you. I am sure you are trying to make it happen. Good Luck!




No worries Joe. I completely agree with you. p.s I am :** laughs out loud **: (uni in september)

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