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Mac 500 colour wheel 2 problem


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Sorry if this has been covered before but I've searched and can't find an answer although a similar post has helped.


The problem.


Unit powers up and runs test/home sequence. Sometimes error C2ER appears, but the fault is always present.

CW2 is very jerky in moving and does not always home.

When using the manual control CW2 will not index correctly and looses its home position.

When stationary the wheel vibrates.


What I've done so far.


Opened it up obviously!

The sensor and magnet on CW2 are working OK. The vibrating stops if you move the wheel by hand till the magnet and sensor line up.

I have swapped the connectors between CW1 and CW2 on the main PCB and the fault swaps to CW1. CW2 then works perfectly proving the sensor.

Swapped the connectors back and tried two different drive chips from a spare 918 board. This made no difference. Fault still there.


I'm guessing the fault lies somewhere deeper on the motherboard. But where and how can I test for a faulty component?



Many thanks for any help you can give



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Nick, sorry if I confused you by saying about swapping the cables at the PCB end - you said you'd tried that but I forgot before typing my reply! And I'm normally so careful about the details...


OK, it's been a while since I've done these and I'm having to remember here (it's far easier with the unit in front of you when you've got a brain like a sieve like me!), but if the motor and driver chips are ok, then it's still likely to be the cable. Do you have a spare wireset you can use to connect directly from the PCB to the motor (may be worth disabling pan/tilt before trying)? I found that I'd often get continuity on all 4 wires at the reset position, but when you move pan or tilt (depending on which wireset was at fault) you find a wire loses continuity. It's a pain to do, but is worth checking all 4 wires for the full pan and tilt range. Same applies ideally for shorts - if a wire's insulation is worn it'll only take a tiny touch to earth to take out the driver chip. If you've not got a spare wireset to hand, are you able to try swapping the wiresets for the colour wheels at both the PCB and motor end? (I can't remember if they'll reach!) If so, you should be able to determine for sure whether the fault is on the PCB or the cable.


Hope this makes sense this time!



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